Needle In The Groove Records Free Legal Music Update - May 2009 - 2 EP's and 2 Singles for Free Download

. Thursday, May 21, 2009

Free Downloads from Twin Lizard Version 4, Hyper Snyper and MC Elemental
May 2009

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Greetings Groovers!

Needle In The Groove is an artist management and music/events promotion business based in the UK, and has recently evolved into a record label too. It's run by Gaz and Dale, and I'm Gaz.

You're receiving this email because you've given us your address, probably after we've given you some free music from a band like Twin Lizard Version 4 or Hyper Snyper on Myspace, or after you've signed up to our mailing list at a gig sometime.

We're a small business that labours under no illusions about people's attitude to paying for music these days, and we think it's much more important for you to hear our bands than it is for you to pay for them. As such, we support this label with our day jobs and your donations.

We use this e-mailing list to inform people who are kind enough to give us their addresses of the latest news from our camp every couple of months.

Twin Lizard Version 4 - Angry, unorthodox English rappers. Mostly political.
Information : or Facebook search 'Twin Lizard'
Downloads :
Blog :

Twin Lizard Version 4 released their latest 'Silent Britain' EP in February 2009, available completely free for download or on CD. It has 5 tracks brimming with far from normal beats, international collaborations and plenty of venom.

TLV4 really will send CD copies to anybody who wants them anywhere in the world too, and have gone as far as to decide that ALL of Twin Lizard's future recorded releases will be made available in this freebie fashion. You can read about the logic (or lack of) behind this decision here :
Twin Lizard : Free In Future @ Twin Lizard's Blog

Download links for 'Silent Britain' and the earlier 'Despite' EP can be found here :
Twin Lizard's Download Page

Hyper Snyper - An unashamedly mighty guitar band.
Information : - Facebook : Search 'Hyper Snyper'
Download the Single : Link

We're also pleased to announce the availability of a free two track single in MP3 format from Hyper Snyper, a band who we've recently started looking after.

The band have a sound falling somewhere between Primal Scream and a trance DJ at 2am, just as the drugs take hold. Baggy Happy Mondays style rhythms, Guns n' Roses guitar outbursts and a grinding synth noise wall come together in tracks designed and built to see you thrashing about on the dance floor in ecstasy.

Hyper Snyper also features Ben E B Brave from Twin Lizard on guitar, and there's a collaboration between the two acts forthcoming on Twin Lizard's next EP.

They're a refreshing breath in the incredibly boring UK rock band landscape of the moment, and we strongly recommend you give this download a go.

Elemental - The quintessentially English insane MC.
Information :
Website : Elemental Online
'Player Hater' Exclusive Track : Download
'Penny Dreadful' Free EP : Download
Buy Elemental CD's : Teasea Records online shop


He may not be strictly involved with Needle In The Groove, but Elemental has been on the periphery of our little rap universe for years.

He's an MC from Brighton in the UK, which is one of the most vibrant places on the island as far as hip hop goes. He's been making tunes for years across a whole range of styles and under a variety of strange, Victorian guises. All of these are very distinctive, which is a polite way of saying he sounds stark staring mad at least half of the time.

Elemental has just released a new album called 'Rebel Without Applause' on TeaSea Records. It features the massive YouTube hit (with over 500,000 views) Cup of Brown Joy, a track featuring hip hop legend Count Bass D, and we're honoured to be bringing it to your attention. If you like eccentric rap music you should buy a copy of this album, complete with a free badge, immediately.

Elemental has been kind enough to furnish us with something free to our mailing list though. It's a track called 'Player Hater', and you can download the MP3 here.

As well as this, there's also the completely free 'Penny Dreadful' EP available. This contains some of Professor Mental's more inventive material and we highly recommend it.


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